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Working So Hard

20. oktober, 2012 · lovely goodies

We are working on a new cool book for kids! Comming in 2013. Deadline soon!

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X X X Berlin store in Kreuzberg, Berlin

11. oktober, 2012 · lovely goodies

In a hidden backyard  at Görlitzer Bahnhof  (backyard, left sidewing, 3rd floor) you will find the beautiful store XXX BERLIN. They have amazing collections like Barbara I Gongini and Moonspoon Salon from Denmark, Thomas from Canada, Bjorg from Sweden Guiseppe Virgoni from Paris. It is a shop,  gallery, kitchen cafe and also 3 very cool guestrooms that they rent out to artists and designers to work and sleep. Perfect home for us! We loved it.


A sanctuary for the ♥ of creation.

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